FSD is a design studio specializing in novel sustainable material and product development. Our projects focus on biomaterials and objects that endure.



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Julian is a designer and artist focused on the point at which novel technology and materials touch society.  He has followed this interest to work for a wide variety of clients designing everything from space suits to fishing gear, wearable knit sensors to fashion accessories. With a background in biology, he feels at home in the lab and has created unique and patentable IP through close collaboration with science staff, developing materials aimed at market fit and manufacturability.  

His collaborative art practice Soft Monitor has shown work extensively both nationally and internationally.
Dierdre is a US-based interdisciplinary object designer focused in material innovation, strategy, and the craft of manufacturing. With a background in fine art, ceramic fabrication, and industrial design, she has always been curious about the aesthetics and experiences of cultural, emotional, and community level shifts.  This focus has led her to widely varying design projects in field-agnostic and radically compassionate approaches to the human experience.

She is also a founding designer at Studio Orange.